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Why Wills?

Losing love ones is a painful experience especially if their departures is unexpected. It puts peoples' lives left behind momentarily at a standstill until they make sense that life has still to go on. Once the emotional struggle to cope with the loss is over financial struggle comes in many faces possible. It is simply a universal problem in many different dimensions. It is no doubt those who are financially dependent feel the pinch the most. However, history has shown that even those to inherit and benefit financially equally face hurdles.

By way of comparisons, wills for Muslims and non-Muslims are distinguished from their purposes. While wills for non-Muslim clearly define how the testators' properties ought to be distributed to specific beneficiaries named in the will, it is no so for wills created by Muslims. Muslims inheritance are governed by Islamic Law. Distribution of a deceased’s properties has to be done in accordance to the faraid rules. The faraid rules clearly state the group of people who can inherit a deceased’s properties.

What then is the wills for Muslims? Wills created by Muslims is not for the purpose of transferring the testator’s properties as opposed to civil wills. It is merely created to name an administrator. The administrator then has to make sure that the distribution is done in accordance to the faraid rules. It must also be noted that a Muslim will can only be created for a limited amount of the testator’s properties. It cannot be more than 1/3 of the testator’s net distributable properties.
Wills for non-Muslims is therefore be considered as a straight forward document which if uncontested pave the way for direct distribution to whosoever named as beneficiaries in the will. A bizarre case was an artiste will that named her pet as the sole beneficiary to her million dollars properties!

Although many are sceptical for having wills, it is nonetheless has been proven over the years the importance for having one. In the absence of a strict established rules as in faraid, it is therefore necessary especially for non-Muslims to state clearly how his properties to be distributed to his love ones. It is more so if he has dependents who are more vulnerable for the loss of support such as parents or disabled dependents or even young children and school going children.

In order to protect your love ones, it is indeed time for you to make one if you have not done so. Even if you have one, there could have been some changes in the composition of your properties. Do not let this linger longer in your mind. Your solicitors are always at hand to help you ease your daily busy life to care for your personal needs and concerns.

Note : We have been engaged to prepare will for muslim as well as non-muslim.