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Visit and contribute at Rumah Anak-anak Yatim Baitul Ehsan Al-Khairi
Date : 2nd August 2013

During at International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
Date : 13th January 2014

Chief Fun Officer at Ampang Point
Date : 27th January 2014

Al-Tarbush at Ampang Point
Date :27th January 2014 

Ready To Buy A HOME?

When you decide to purchase your dream home it could be the most exciting move you have ever made in your life. Imagine the thought of finally owning your own home. Even before you have own it you have already have all the plans at the back of your mind. PAUSE. Don’t rush!. Have you check your loan approval to finance the purchase? If you pay a booking fee, would you be able to get a refund if you later cannot secure the loan?.

The first thing you really need is a good experienced and reliable solicitor to represent you in the dealings. However, you may think to draft your own sale and purchase agreement or pick any sample from friends or relatives to save costs and hope to move in as soon as you signed the document.Dont!...Both you and the vendor carry risks in signing an agreement for sale and purchase and once signed it is a binding contract.

First of all, most laymen may not be able to understand the details of the issue document of tiitle. A solicitor however can advise you what the details indicate. There could be restrictions imposed on the title such as specific use of the property, restrictions on transfer whereby consent must be obtained from the relevant authorities.
Real estate sale and purchase agreements contain terms and conditions on which a property is to be conveyed (transfer at land office or assignment), right to caveat, sale price, method of payment, conditions precedent (state authority consent),real property gains tax, completion date, warranty and lots of other terms.

The above examples are just some of the terms which need to be drafted carefully otherwise the parties could end up in legal tussles. 

Paying a little extra in getting solicitors of your own may well save you time and definitely give you peace of mind. Let your solicitors take that worry off you!

Note : We have, from time to time, been consulted by business owners in drafting documents and welcome any enquiry on partnership, shareholder and Join Venture Agreement